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“Stephanie Riggs’ End of Storytelling is what every creator working across pioneering storytelling formats needs to read. It’s a perfect balance between historical context and pragmatic approaches, bringing insight across a convergence of disciplines that help lay the crucial groundwork to approaching these new mediums natively. These approaches and thought processes will help our industry progress in a much needed direction.”

Yelena Rachitsky, Executive Producer of Experiences, Oculus


“Provocative, illuminating and exciting. I love the idea of transforming storytelling through the creation of story worlds so the premise was particularly intriguing and one that provided a great deal of thought and introspection. I especially loved the stunning graphics and imagery which took everything to a whole other level.”

Michael Jung, Executive Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering


Dare you master the Storyplex? This book will show you how. With The End of Storytelling, Stephanie Riggs emerges as a 21st century Marshall McLuhan, proving that the medium is so much more than just a message. Read this and understand how technology merges reality and imagination into the magic of experience.

Jesse Schell, Distinguished Professor of Entertainment Technology, Carnegie Mellon University; CEO, Schell Games


“Visually stunning, contextually perfect, Stephanie has written a definitive, must have guide into the future that is now in storytelling. The End of Storytelling gives us the how, where, when and why of how to tell immersive stories that are now forever here. Run, don’t walk to get a copy of your blueprint, a map on how to
tell compelling stories in an age where enabling technological disruptions are permanent.”

Adaora Udoji, Director of Corporate Innovation, RLab

“At Refinery29, we have a mission to change the way people see the world, to shake up the status quo, to reflect the world we are seeing around us. Stephanie embodies that vision and has enhanced our ability to do that by creating immersive experiences that reflect so many perspectives and voices and provide greater connection and understanding.”

Amy Emmerich, President of North America & Chief Content Officer, Refinery29

“Stephanie’s extensive experience across corporations, start-ups, non-profit, and academia creates a unique perspective that has the potential to evolve how immersive creators think about and develop stories in a profound way.”

Jake Zim, SVP of Virtual Reality, Sony Pictures Entertainment


“What makes The End of Storytelling by Stephanie Riggs so exciting is that it takes the reader on a wonderful journey into the beginning of something new.”

Kay Meseberg, Head of Mission Innovation, ARTE


“Riggs possesses a rare interdisciplinary dexterity that allows her to break new ground in conceptualizing and crafting narratives in immersive technology.  With The End of Storytelling, she presents innovative concepts in a way that makes even the most academic concepts accessible, paving the way for the future students and creators.”

Jerome Solomon, Conference Chair, ACM SIGGRAPH 2017


The End of Storytelling is a transformative experience that enlightens Creatives in what traditional narratives have evolved to in the immersive space. This immaculately designed and crafted experience should be on the coffee table of any storyteller of the future. It’s very exciting to see where our future is taking us.”

Jonathan Jirjis, Director/Producer, One Club


“VR trailblazer, Yale researcher, Disney Imagineer— Stephanie Riggs has been at the forefront of narrative innovation for years.”

Frank Rose, author of The Art of Immersion


“With The End of Storytelling, Riggs aims to reset the paradigm in a way not seen since McLuhan. It’s a reset we’re ready for.”

Noah Nelson, Founder/Publisher, No Proscenium

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